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Pentecost of the Nations 2011

Pentecost of the Nations 2011

3 - 12 June 2011

"The first well-spring of renewing action is prayer, which connects us with the Spirit of Christ who is 'He who renews the face of the Earth.'" Blessed Elena Guerra

Imagine what would happen if "unanimous and fervent prayers" were raised in every time zone in the world for nine days! Imagine what would happen if we witnessed to the power of the Holy Spirit in every part of the world throughout Pentecost! Imagine what God could do if we united in prayer and celebration for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our world! Imagine our world transformed!

Together we pray!

The Pentecost Novena June 03--11, 2011 We return to the Upper Room to intercede with Mary and the disciples for the rekindling of the grace of the first Pentecost. We rediscover the life and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, whose original source is Pentecost. Intercessors will be united together, weaving a dense global 'net' of prayer which will be continuous, night and day, during the nine days before Pentecost (on national, regional, and local levels).

Together we celebrate!

Pentecost Day Celebrations June 12, 2011 Special events organized by NSCs and/or other CCRS communities and groups throughout the world, each testifying to the 'spirituality of Pentecost' as part of the great Charismatic family. Celebration events in the various nations through united witness and proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit to the ends of the Earth. (Acts 1:8) Events could include Charismatic prayer, short teachings, testimonies, evangelisation, and a solemn invocation of the Holy Spirit or concert to glorify God!

Special Prayer Intentions for Pentecost 2011
  • For a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • For the Church and Pope Benedict XVI to proclaim the Good News in the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:11)
  • For the World that all people would come to believe in Christ who was sent; for Christian unity. (Jn 17:21)

Helpful resources for prayer events and celebrations
  1. ICCRS presentation video of Pentecost of the Nations... for a new Culture of Pentecost.
  2. The Road to Pentecost Booklet, a prayer guide from Easter to Pentecost by the English NSC (available in English only). Please contact CCR UK for more information.
  3. The Burning Bush Prayer-Pentecost Novena and various helpful articles by Kim Catherine-Marie Kollins in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish, are all downloadable from her website.
  4. A Burning Bush flyer is downloadable in English, along with information on setting up a "9/24 Prayer Net" in your nation, group, or community.

Journeying together

In 1895, on the promptings of Bl. Elena, Popes Leo XIII asked all the faithful to celebrate a solemn novena (9 days of prayer) perpetually between Ascension and Pentecost for the unity of Christianity. Another strategic moment in our journey was the Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II in 2001, Novo Millennio Ineunte, 'At the beginning of the new millennium'. This letter brings to us a key phrase, Duc in Altum – Cast your nets out into the deep.(Lk 5.4) Again to the CCR John Paul II declared, I pray most fervently that your communities and the entire Charismatic Renewal will “put out into the deep” of prayer in order to “put out the deep of mission.” Finally at the celebration of First Vespers of Pentecost in 2004, the last Pentecost Celebration of Pope John Paul II, he stated in his homily, “...we ...are gathered in this Square, which has become a great Upper Room... Thanks to the Charismatic Movement, a multitude of Christians, men and women, young people and adults have rediscovered Pentecost as a living reality in their daily lives. I hope that the spirituality of Pentecost will spread in the Church as a renewed incentive to prayer, holiness, communion and proclamation.” Journeying Forward – In 2006, in preparation for the Pentecost meeting of Pope Benedict XVI with the ecclesial movements and new communities, ICCRS called forth Operation Upper Room. During 2007, we continued our united world-wide Pentecost prayer journey. In 2008, ICCRS launched a two-part projects – Pentecost of the Nations – for a new 'culture of Pentecost', which integrated Operation Upper Room with Pentecost Celebrations.