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PHOTOS FROM “COME TO ME 2015” IN THE WORLDWIDE ICCRS has the mandate to promote unity and help the CCR with all its different expressions of grace, in order to spread the culture of Pentecost worldwide. The Youth Committee, created in 2009, has the same task as that of ICCRS, but with its focus on youth of the Renewal. The Committee is still young and, therefore, still in the process of defining the steps that need to be taken...

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Intercessors, Arise · Colombo, Sri Lanka Intercessors, Arise · Colombo, Sri Lanka

“A call to Prophetic Intercession.” The goal of this event is to bring together those actively involved in intercession to a time of intercession and prophecy. For further information, please visit This event is organised by the ICCRS Sub-committee for Asia-Oceania (ISAO) and hosted by Kithu Dana Pubuduwa (Apostolate of Renewal in Sri Lanka).

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